NBA All Star Weekend – Zakariás Zsolt


the all-star weekend is a festival that is held every February during the middle of the NBA season. this event consists of a variety of events, exhibitions, and performances culminating in the all-star games on Sunday night. it is always organized in a different city.
it has a very fixed program, on Friday is held the All-star celebrity game where retired nba/wnba players, actors, musicians, and athletes from other sports can participate. after this comes the Rising star challenge, which is basically an all-star game for the rookies.
ON Saturday are organized the slam dunk contest for players with incredible athletic ability and creativity. after this comes the 3pt contest where take part the best shooters of the league to conquer the award. last but not least comes the skill challenge where the players can showcase their dribbling, shooting, and passing abilities.
on Sunday is organized the All-star game, the most interesting, famous part of the weekend, where the top players of the given season get the chance to showcase why they are the best.

the players for the two teams are selected by their season progress and also count the fan votes. after that, the two player from the two conferences with the highest vote counts becomes the two captains, easter and wester captains. during a live show, they get the chance to pick their starting five including themself and their bench players. after this, they are ready to face each other.

from the winner team, the player with the best stats line gets the All-star MVP award, recently renamed the Kobe Bryant award.
during this game, the rules are a bit twisted to make this night even more interesting. after every quarter, the leading team’s chosen charity gets $100.000. in the last quarter, there is no timer, the team to reach 24 points wins the game. the losing team needs to equal the leading team’s score and after that are counted the points for the final 24 points.

highlights from the latest nba all-star weekends