NBA league – Zakariás Zsolt


The NBA, one of the four major professional sports leagues in the USA, is a professional basketball league that is composed of 30 teams, 29 in the united states and 1 in Canada. The league was founded on June 6, 1946, in new york city. at that time it was called the Basketball Association of America(BAA) but later in 1949, it changed its name to NBA.

nba teams logos

the league is divided into two conferences, east-west. in every season the teams play 82 games to qualify for the playoffs. in the playoffs the teams from the same conference play a best of seven series to advance to the next round. take the regular season standing the first in the given conference play the 8th team, the 2nd play the 7th, and so on.

in the playoff the team with the better win-lose regular season balance will get the home court advantage. the grand final is played between the eastern and western conference champions.